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So many ways to learn English...

daily classes for all levels

Welcome to English Family Centre (side entrance)

The Octagon,

Walker Street,

Hull HU3 2RA a cafe

learn English with a befriender
(in the classroom or remotely).
Watch a video of befriender Mary talking to Souzana.

...with befrienders

Please send a WhatsApp message to Karen on
07791 530039 for an up-to-date Zoom timetable.


join in national and local community projects and meet our special guests

angels 21.JPG the community

discover Hull


...'Walk and Talk'

Receive information about living in Hull, information about our sessions and things to help you to learn English. Send Karen a WhatsApp message on 07791530039

...WhatsApp Broadcasts

...specialised courses


For example: English for Driving, Basic Literacy, Sewing, Gardening,

English for Computers and Music.  

Borrow books from our small lending library. 

Celebrate special occasions, like Eid, Christmas and Chinese New Year. 

What do you want to learn? 

Tell Karen  07791 530039

Such as our two-year partnership with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, which won a national award.


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